Norse School Cooks Join Region’s Top Chefs

What a fantastic NSMW Norse had with some of Norfolk’s top restaurants inviting Norse school chefs to join them for the day as part of our Host a School Chef programme. Norse support the programme in great numbers every year and in NSMW’s Silver Jubilee year they have really pulled together a great schedule for their team to get involved.

Thanks very much to all the team at Norse from all of us at NSMW and Marketing and Brand Manager Clare Jordan tells us what took place during the week.

As part of National School Meals Week, and teaming up with Norfolk Food and Drink, a number of Norse Catering’s school cooks had the opportunity to work alongside some of the county’s top chefs for the fourth year running.

The concept behind the National School Meals Week is to help change perceptions of school meals in our region and demonstrate how far school catering has come in recent years.

Norse cooks are seriously talented cooks in their own right and to create a fantastic experience for them we sent them to the best restaurants across the region. They joined the teams at Warwick St Social with Daniel Smith, at Socius in Burnham Market, Brasted’s in Framingham Pigot and at Benedicts in Norwich with well-known local chef Richard Bainbridge, to prepare and cook meals for their discerning paying customers.

Chef Patron at Warwick St Social (as well as The Wildebeest and Ingham Swan) Daniel Smith commented “It’s so important that children can have the opportunity of a wholesome midday meal at school, trying new things and sharing that experience with others, helping to develop what will hopefully be a lifelong interest in what’s on their plate and it was such a pleasure to have Norse Cook, Emma from Southrepps and Antingham Primary School, join the team in the Kitchen at Warwick St Social”.

Emma Grumbt who attended Warwick St Social said “What a day! What an experience! So much enthusiasm, passion and love given to their food by the chefs. One highlight (too many to mention them all) was making the honeycomb parfait for their dessert menu with Tom. Daniel and Alex were so attentive showing and explaining to me their cooking techniques and I was sampling so much wonderful food. The day was so memorable I can’t stop talking about it!”

A new twist on our National School Meal Week 2018 celebrations included sharing recipe cards from each of the top chef’s with our schools which, in turn, they shared with their parents and wider school community. The recipes were the chef’s own take on their favourite school desserts such as Cornflake Tart, Sticky Toffee Pudding and Jam Sponge with Custard!

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